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Allo, allo

The ongoing hot weather forecasts an early harvest. Unfortunately the sunshine had rather the opposite effect
on this Slurp; the long, wine-drenched summer nights had
a somewhat arresting influence on its completion.


In this Slurp!

Singing grape pickers wanted

The renewed SlurpShop

Yodeling wijnboers

It's hot. And there's not enough rain. The rain gauge contains only a lone fly that died a thirsty death. The wine makers yodel: il faut de l'eau, de l'eau, de l'eau...

The grapes are as of yet undisturbed. The floraison is behind us and the little baby grapes are slowly turning into grown-up grapes. The yearly pruning of excess bunches will take place in three weeks time. Accompanied by cheerful singing. So they won't mind so much.

Porn in the vineyard

Organic grape growing is built not on manure, nor on the glimmering plough share, no, it is solely based on hardcore sex. The peaceful greenery of the vineyard, which gives us the wine we love to slurp, hides a cesspool of low moral standards. Sodom and Gommorah! It's swarming with creatures who spend their days eating and performing the act of sex (which is not an altogether bad way to spend one's time). In organic wine production you hit the bugs where it hurts the most: the genitals.

Cliquez ici for the dirty details.


After many gruelling nights of sewing the new wine T-shirts are now finished!


Marilyn models for us the 'Ik Slurp'-shirt. Thanks to the airy design and aerodynamic lines of this exclusive shirt it guarantees immediate enthusiasm from husband, friend, girlfriend and pet.


Sophia models for us the 'Happy-Slurp'-shirt. Not without danger, we might add, as the superb design and supple delicate fabric tends to elicit excited responses from the male of the species.


Nathalie is wearing our latest addition: the 'Het-leven-is-te-kort-om-slechte-wijn-te-drinken-shirt' (life-is-too-short-to-drink-bad-wine-shirt'). Specially designed for intrepid ladies who don't mince their words. Prevents lengthy debates with bothersome waiters.


Beware: The midget-department of V&D has started selling fake re-makes of this authentic winemaker shirt!

The shirts are available for ladies, gents, children and pets. With v-neck or round neck. They are unique and are produced in limited edition.

Cliquez ici for the latest models and cliquez ici to order/pre-book.

Did you know you can order our EXCLUSIVE WINES directly here!

If you'd like to keep informed of all the latest offers, go to www.slurpshop.nl or cliquez ici.

Wanted: singing grape-pickers!
De Chateau Sing-along 2011

In his enthusiastically maintained bonsai garden, choir conductor and chef d'Orchestre Edwin Schimscheimer performs his daily musical warm-up routines to be ready to welcome the singing Dutch grape pickers.

Singing makes you happy

And so we are organizing a "Chateau Sing-along", between the 10th and the 16th of July. No effort is being spared; choir conductor Edwin Schimsheimer and his inseparable Steinway grand piano are being flown in from Holland, there will be a recording unit, a lighting plan and the wineboer himself will sing loudly and boisterously along and impress all with his cajon drumming.

So, if you can sing and pick grapes at the same time, audition now and acquire everlasting fame in the great La Tulipe grape-pickers choir 'Les Voix du Vin'.



If you want to join the pickers choir in the first week of the harvest (10-16 July) we're still looking for male singers to do audition.

If you want to join the pickers choir in the first week of the harvest (10-16 July): male singers can still audition, cliquez ici.

The second week (picking without singing 18-24 July) is now fully booked up.

For an impression: cliquez ici for the reportage of the Vendanges Vertes 2010.

For the audition, click on the below image


If the movie doesn't play properly, cliquez ici

A French offense

The Sud Ouest published this article that is touching in its naivete. A 'cliente' in a supermarket peels off the price tag from a carton of washing powder and sticks it on a box of two bottles of Chateau Petrus worth 4000 euro. She then joins the queue hoping for a comatose checkout girl. What would she have wanted with this emperors-wine? Something to celebrate? Someone to make up to? Or just guzzle it up with her husband; with the fish-fingers
Of course she could have sold it but what would you get for two of those bottles on the black market? I'm afraid not a lot. But even so, a charming typically French offense.


The Barking Grape, volume 2: What's the story with those barrels?

To see this question answered, cliquez on the image



If the movie doesn't play properly, cliquez ici

Do you have a question on wine-related issues email us at [email protected]

Cliquez ici for a list of all questions.

Boer on fire!

This spring we won not one, not two, not three but- believe it or not- FOUR gold medals!
We'll melt them down so I can finally get myself a set of Ben Saunders teeth!

Chateau la Tulipe de la Garde 2009

Gold medal: Concours General de Paris 2011

Gold medal: Concours de Macon 2011

Gold medal: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2011

Gold medal: Concours des Vins d'Aquitaine 2011



Allez, Wholehearted Santé et à la prochaine!






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