L'Entrecôte has five branches in France turning over on average 6.5 million euro each. The company heirs Gineste de Saurs total up a fat lot of 32 million euro a year. The question remains:

Why do people queue up for a leathery steak, a bowl of flaccid chips and a bottle of undrinkable wine.

About ten years ago the French embraced the concept of ZEN and interpreted it in their very own unique way, suited to the national character. Because of this they do not perceive waiting as something negative. On the contrary, it helps to avoid an activity unpopular with most: work. And what is more, waiting offers ample opportunity for looking around, bumping into people you know and having a bit of a chat. And all of this from the pleasantly safe supposition: everything is about to get even better. But hang on, what do you mean; ZEN?

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